Internet Connectivity: 4 Tips to Boost Your Broadband Signal

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When it comes to internet connectivity, there is nothing more frustrating than trying to send a file or document, only for the process to fail at 99% completion. In a world whereby, almost everybody connects to the online community, such broadband issues are unacceptable. Even before diving into the many options you have to help with your connectivity issue, Telstra 4g wifi modem external antenna is a useful gadget in handling such matters. Nonetheless, there are still more tips to help you get the most out of your internet connection.

Verify Your Internet Speeds

One thing you need to do in your initial stage is checking your internet speeds (both upload speed and download speed). If possible, keep a record of the speeds during different intervals during the day. Because your connection to the internet is part of a big network that we share globally, the connection may fluctuate once in a while. At various times of the day, like during the night when individuals are asleep, you will notice that the speeds are much faster than compared to daytime.

Correctly Position Your Router

Once you confirm the upload and download speeds, the next suitable thing to do is try and look for an appropriate way to position your WiFi router. From my experience, the higher and nearer a window the router is, the better the signal. This is because the router will be receiving little to no interruptions during transmission between a network site and the router.

Avoid Using Multiple Devices

Sometimes if you have too many devices connected, your speed may as well fluctuate. All routers have limited numbers of users allowed to connect. It is always a wise idea to disconnect gadgets that aren’t in use. Another thing to note is the amount of internet data that is utilised by your connected devices. Friends and family members connected to the network may be downloading large files or streaming Tv programmes: Unlike Facebook or Gmail, these activities utilise more bandwidth, thus affecting the WiFi speeds.

Optimise Your Devices

There’s a necessity in checking your computer, tablet and phone’s software: Maybe your phone needs some upgrade to continue functioning properly. Make sure that you have the latest software updates for your devices, especially your browser updates. Generally, get used to the practice of clearing your browsing history, cookies and cache. These tools can lead to slow processes since they take up space. For software such as Dropbox, Skype, or Spotify, make sure that they do not run automatically in your device’s background.

Using either of the above methods guarantees a noticeable boost in your internet speeds, enjoy!…

Best Camconder


There are various times of camcorders available in the market today. This makes choosing the right camcorder to be quite challenging. Some of these camcorders include Ablue HD camcorder, Kenuo 4K camcorder, and the Panasonic HC-V180K camcorder. Therefore you have to consider various factors to choose a camcorder that suits you best. Some of these factors include; the size of the camcorder, whether it’s HD or Ultra D, cost, Wi-Fi connectivity, warranty, and customers service. By considering all the above factors, you will be able to choose the best camcorder for you.

History of Camcorders

The invention of camcorders goes back to early 1900 by John Logie Baird. Over the years Baird’s model has been improved gradually to today’s camcorder. With the advancement in technology, the resent camcorders are very developed such that they come in different designs, size, shape, color, and features. Since they have different features, it means that some are more efficient than others.

Panasonic HC-V180K Camcorder

This is one of the best and most economical camcorders by the Panasonic. Apart from being affordable, light and having a touch screen, it also produces high-quality images.


Some of the features of this camcorder include;

Full HD recording with a steady optical zoom.
This feature allows the camcorder to shoot high-resolution videos. Also, the optical zoom ensures the images captured from a distance are clear and steady. This because it allows you to zoom these images.

video production
BSI Sensor

This feature is installed at the back of the camera. It ensures that you take high-quality shots whether you are using dim or bright lights. For this reason, you can use this Panasonic camcorder either indoor or outdoor. Having in mind, its image quality is not affected by the amount of light. You can also use it in sunsets or sunrise.

Touch Screen

This screen is very responsive. It allows you to change the setting of the camcorder and edit the images to your satisfaction.

Unique Design

The camcorder is designed such that it can automatically adjust itself if it’s tilting to allow you to take clear shots. Despite having all these features the camera is light enough and has a perfect size. This makes it easy for you to carry and use.

Pros and Cons

Like any other electronic device, this camcorder has its advantages and disadvantages.


• Easy to use. Apart from being versatile, this camcorder is user- friendly.
• It’s very cheap in spite of having all these features.
• Touch screen. This screen helps you to manipulate the setting of the camera thus allowing you to take your desired shorts. Also, it will enable you to edit the images.
• Compact and light. It’s very light and compact which makes it easier to use and carry.
• Finally, it allows you to zoom thus take clear shorts of images at a distance.


• No Wi-Fi coactivity thus you can’t stream live videos.
• It doesn’t have manual controls.…


Email fax has been the best way to send fax especially in these current years for both personal and office purposes. This is because of the benefits that come with email fax service. When you are using an email to send a fax, you are guaranteed fast delivery, safety, and confidentiality. On the other hand, you need few pieces of equipment, that is, a computer and internet connectivity, unlike the traditional methods where you had to buy a bulky fax machine to send and receive a fax. Many companies have adopted the email fax method because they have realized how fragile other media of communication are prone to Security Bridge. Looking into the services offered by the email fax, it is believed that they play an important role in businesses.

online fax


Companies and organizations that have more communications through the internet must own the eFax service. The eFax service has been ranked as the best email fax service for the past five years. This is because the eFax has been in the frontline in contributing in online faxing innovation because it of the exciting features it provides to the fax users. The eFax has been the best in the mobile integration such that you can be able to send, receive and sign faxes from your smartphone. These services are quite expensive compared to other email fax services because the users must pay international costs when they send fax internationally and upon sending any additional fax. On the other hand, eFax services have an extra price because of performance. It works perfectly and is compatible with email addresses. It is also easy to use because you can send up to 10 documents in single fax.



Compared to other fax service providers, MyFax is quite smaller though it has all the basic and most important features required to send a fax. MyFax is available in more than 40 countries and multiple cities in the world; it is, therefore, a good option to use in sending a fax. Its features give users the ability to fax from email plus its compatibility with multiple formats of files as well as mobile applications that are capable of sending a fax. The response of MyFax is very quick, and it is available 24/7. It is simply the cheapest fax service used for international coverage.


RingCentral Fax

RingCentral is the main competitor and most experienced fax service because it offers stand-alone fax service. This type of fax service offers advanced features to the user compared to the rest of Gmail fax service. It can do cloud faxing and fax scheduling. This means that it can access fax documents from the cloud storage such as Google Drive and Dropbox. RingCentral fax also has mobile application however it is somehow limited compared to other fax services. The price for this service is relatively low than other fax services such as eFax. The price of these fax services is offered in a good balance to its flexible features.…