Top Tips on How to Clean Your Mac

Mac desktop

It is essential that you digitally clean your Mac every once in a while. This will ensure that it retains optimal performance at all times. There are various steps that you need to take as part of cleaning the Mac. In case you wish to do it by yourself, you can use the tips given below to help you out.

Remove Big Files

Removing big files that you no longer need from the Mac will create a lot of space to save new data in addition to improving the performance speed. The latest Mac operating system has a feature used for optimization that can help to identify big files such as software installers, which may be no longer of use to you. For the big files that you intend to use some time in the future, you can make use of cloud storage to free up the local storage.

Reorganize Your Computer

Storing files on the desktop is quite easy and convenient. However, it might get cluttered over time and make it quite challenging to find anything. You should thus take your time to sift through all the items on the desktop and sort them in a way that you can locate whatever you need quickly. Delete anything that you no longer need. Group related files in folders to help you get rid of the clutter.Notebook

Delete Downloads

Just like your Desktop, your Download folder is also likely to get messy over time. The folder may contain files that you need temporarily, which you can still access online whenever you need them again. It is thus logical to delete the files to free up more storage space. If you are sure there is no file in the Downloads folder that you wish to keep, you can use a cleaning software to delete the files permanently and save some time.

Delete Email Attachments

If you receive many emails that have large attachments such as reports, images, and video files, the attachments get stored in a hidden folder called Mail Downloads. You can delete the contents of that folder without losing anything since all the emails will still have the attachments in case you wish to view them later. If you have never deleted anything from the folder, it will contain all the accessories which you have ever opened on the Mac. Removing will thus potentially save you quite a significant storage space.…